Stories of Healing

Shamanic Healing, a success story

After completing my intensive training and internship in shamanic healing last June, I am excited to be offering this work and to hear such positive response from my clients. I offer this work for both animals and people.

For animals, shamanic work is a powerful tool to assist in healing, trauma, behavior and mood imbalances, and for animals who are having difficulty healing after a surgery. I had the great fortune to work with Sable, a Brigadoon’s Service Dog a few months ago. I am sharing her story with permission.

SableSable was described to me as the star of Brigadoon’s Service Dogs. According to her trainer she was a perfect example of a service dog during her training. Sable had been matched with a family who had a young girl who needed a service dog to help with her medical condition. Everything was in place for Sable to move in and do the job for which she had been training all her life. But before Sable could start her job, she had to be spayed. Sable had given birth to one litter of perfect puppies, in which she was the most nurturing and loving mother to. But ready to be a full fledge service dog, she had to be spayed before she went to work. Days after the surgery Sable’s trainer, Denise, noticed something was wrong with her. Sable became afraid of normal everyday things. She was trained to be confident. Her trainer and family were baffled and desperate for help and very worried about Sable’s ability to do the job she had been training to do. During our session, I talked with Sable using animal communication and found that she was afraid. She shared with me that she was feeling her confidence was gone and she did not feel ready for the responsibility that awaited her with her new family.

During her session, we agreed to try shamanic healing with Sable. I Journeyed on behalf of Sable, using my rattle. In my journey, I found that Sable had symptoms of soul loss. Soul loss is a shamanic term to describe what happens when a part of our life essence, or spirit splinters during a time of trauma. This splintering is our soul’s way of self-preservation, keeping our vital life essence safe from harm. It is like tucking our jewelry in a pocket for safe keeping when danger approaches. In my journey, I found that Sable had tried to preserve her confidence during her surgery which was a time that she felt very unsure and insecure about what was happening.

Under normal conditions, when a person or animal experiences soul loss, their life essence returns as soon as they are safe again. In the case of Sable’s trauma during her spay surgery, the part of her life essence that splintered off, became stuck, keeping her separated from her confidence and readiness to serve and causing the symptoms of fear and insecurity her trainer had been witnessing. In my journey for Sable, with the help of my trusted power animal, I located and offered healing to her life essence and returned it to Sable.

In the weeks following Sable’s shamanic healing, her trainer kept in close contact with me reporting her progress. Her trainer reported to me that even though volunteers and crew were not aware of Sable’s healing session, many noticed changes and commented how it looked like, “Sable was back and she looked like herself again.” As with most Shamanic healing, the integration time of the work is just as important as the healing itself. Sable’s trainer and new family offered her the special care she had requested during her session as she re-integrated her confidence back into her life.

The last update I received from her trainer she reported that Sable was back to her perfect nurturing self. No more fear or confidence issues and she had moved in with the family and had bonded with the young girl she had been training all her life to assist. Sable even works over time, giving her new family nurturing attention, and even helped calm an autistic child in her young girls school. She is a very special dog indeed.

To read more about Shamanic healing for people and pets please visit my website . Or give me a call to see if Shamanic healing is right for you or your pet. (360) 715-1202.


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